XTREME shot @the ringprivate : Wrestlingmale Darkside is born!


NEW MEMO 06/02/2020 : following the unacceptable comments from Billy Santoro on twitter, we have decided to remove all the videos featuring him from our platform and not sell the next videos which were supposed to be edited. No more contract will be granted to Billy Santoro with our production neither.

Our latest shootings in Madrid mark a new direction for our production in many ways!

Wrestlingmale Next Generation is born…. Wrestlingmale Dark side will make you shudder!

I wanted to share with you the story of the XTREME shot @theringprivate series in exclusivity and preview.

Simultaneously , we are happy to announce you the first  XTREME shot scene release today: “Custom Madrid Deal 1 for Henry – Broke Black Mountain”.

Etienne Erik

Wrestlingmale Producteur et réalisateur.




We have been in contact for months with the private club “Theringprivate” in Madrid. The owner Gabriel has warmly welcomed us to make this place our “Wrestlingmale Academy” through 5 days 24H/24H! Available facilities are fantastic : a ring but also various cruising spaces including a sling, a cage and a golden shower area. This unique atmosphere of Theringprivate made our shoots furiously fetishistic and intriguing…



When we arrive at Theringprivate with the artistic team, the discovery of the club instinctively and enthusiastically leads us to create a new aesthetic of light for the shootings! Everything lends itself to intimacy and voyeurism… We want a fully “Dark Light” play … Fighters’ muscled bodies & faces must contrast and stand out on the film like never before!



We are working in Madrid with the most important casting ever established during our previous shootings! Every day, we receive new spontaneous requests from wrestlers and actors, still anonymous or already porn stars to join our team… The final choice has become a real headache, both exciting and frustrating! We have finally selected 16 models for our session in Madrid…. Never enough I thought but definitly a lot in reality… And all I’ll have to do is just… managing!

We exclusivley choose the hooks of wrestling, fighting, role-playing, submission & domination : this is the absolute crucial criteria, whatever the experience or technique the model could have.

More than ever, we have favoured the mixing of genres between the world of fight & porn both from Europe and USA.

8 new recruits join the team: Viktor Rom, Gage Santoro, Martin Mazza, Ken Summers, Joe Gillis, Aaron Mark, Santi Konnor and Alexis Clark. They will face recent actors including Michael Roman & John Rodriguez. They will fight the “icons” of the ring & Wrestlingmale too : Muscle Beast, Butch.J, Stefan, Judo Kan and myself Etienne… Such a tasty casting menu, no?!



Two months of preparation…. Casting, booking of actors, artistic team and studio, booking of flights and apartments to stay in Spain, management of customer requests for the many Customs scenes, choice of fights… Farewell my “Holidays” of August in Lisbon… They have been entirely dedicated to the finalization of those shootings in Spain for an unequalled duration of 9 days in total… Yes, production is exhausting… I constantly question myself to go further and give the best of myself and the whole team for which I feel fully responsible… Yes, production consumes all my energy but it creates an amazing adrenaline excitment too… I am addicted to the ectasy of making your desires a fantastic & unexpected reality….


Day 1 – Saturday 28th of  September : Wrestlingmale XXX Live show @theringprivate!

We have just come from 4 long days of shooting from Valencia (confidential subject here… Patience… You will know more about the “surprise” by December)! Indeed so, 10 people from the team in the Valencia-Madrid train…. We do not go unnoticed…. However, everyone has their own way of recovering… Michael is always quiet : his sunglasses are probably supposed to protect him from prying eyes! Aaron and Viktor are tireless companions between laughter and complicit glances. The cameramen seem both in comatose sleep. Alexandre and myself are working on the Madrid agenda… It is exciting and scary at the same time… A big challenge!

Madrid welcomes us with its legendary pure bluesky and enchanting sun that we will definitely not have time to abuse! It is already 1pm…. Time to jump into our taxis and reach our respective apartments…. Butch.J (more in shape than ever before) has already arrived the day before…. He can enjoy Madrid without forgetting of course… his daily gym…He couldn’t afford to lose any muscle weight two days before Monday’s shootings, right?!… For Alexander, myself and the cameramen, the program is very different… We already have to go to the Theringprivate studio to prepare the live show of the same evening. We are excited to discover what will become our “Wrestlingmale Academy” for nearly 5 days… We discover that the place has definily a gigantic potential to stage all our fantasies, all your fantasies! Technical check of the place with the owner Gabriel; he is listening to all our needs and also puts a lot of pressure on us… He mentions that some of the club’s customers expressly come from the UK and other European countries to attend the show… This is the second live show we are organizing after the one in May during the gay pride in Torremolinos in the Alcatraz Club. The clock is ticking fast… Everything is soon set up when the 4 actors of the show join us for their brief and training: Viktor Rom, Martin Mazza, Joe Gillis and John Rodriguez. I am amazed by their relaxation, enthusiasm and professional physical & mental ability to adapt within a few hours of the event…. We leave each other, very confident and excited… See you at 11.30pm…. The show is scheduled for Midnight….

11.30pm… Dressing in the changing rooms…. The club is already filling up quickly and the tension is rising again… No mistakes are possible because the cameras will also film everything …live. It’s time, Gabriel calls us. We cross the whole club and go down the stairs to get to the ring…. Dazzling projectors, the audience is there around the ring and panting…. My role is that of referee…. The first Spanish Wrestlingmale tag team live championship will start… Suspense now… I can’t reveal anything and will edit this show soon! The fighting was longer and more intense than expected and as unexpected handcuffed referee, I was no longer able to control the outcome of the xxx fighting…


Day 2 – Sunday 29th of  September : OFF day? Not for all…

Rest for all… Well, almost all… Yes, it is a “Free style” day for actors… Those who did the show were released at almost 4.am and the others can enjoy the “warrior’s rest” before the battle rages again! Stefan has just arrived from Tampa! Oh my little American favorite fighter, my own teddy bear ahahaha! Come on, a short happy hour break at 5.pm with Butch.J, Stefan, the cameramen and Alexandre. Then, it is already time to refine the agenda for the next 3 days…. Midnight and lights out… We are going to film again through insane 3 days!


Day 3 – Monday 30th of  September : So much work to do!

10.am … Arrival at the Theringprivate studio…. First day with a big challenge : we have 3 Custom movies to make in addition to the other scenes! The realization of a Custom scene is always a source of very particular attention and a consequent stress because it is a question of perfectly answering and interpreting whereas the request always leaves a subjective part in spite of all established details! Not to mention the last minute withdrawals and injuries that led me to react very quickly to resolve these unpredictable risks while respecting the form and content of the initial request! Fortunately, after a few scares that challenged up to 2/3 of the custom scenes, all were finally completed in the best possible conditions!

Santi Konnor and Judo Kan joined us in the afternoon…. This Monday is above all the day of the extremely popular Titans like Muscle Beast, Butch.J, and Stefan who are also already crossing and fighting with newcomers including Aaron Mark and Santi Konnor… A very large panel of wrestlers and models… So different physically and through their career on stage…. Santi Konnor surprised me with his natural technical skill. His physical presence imposes an impressive playrole on the camera. Aaron who has already toured in Valencia the previous week is very skilled despite the novelty of the ring; his legsplit flexibility will make him a legend, you will understand why! Blonde or black beauties, fit muscled hunks or bodybuilders…. No borders, no prejudices… Mission accomplished… Come on, it’s already 9.00pm!  We are urged to free the studio and let the twin soul of The ringprivate and Wrestlingmale rest until the next day… My sweety German Muscle Beast has just arrived from Hanover for dinner. Hours of work still to come for the cameramen, myself and Alexandre between viewing and saving promising rushs… Woof, the dark light and the dark atmosphere of kinky fights are all there…. Yes, that’s exactly what we wanted… 2.am… We really need to sleep now…


Day 4 – Tuesday 1rst of October : Fully motivated!

11.am … Arrival at the studio…. Challenge of the day: managing newly recruited famous porn stars like  Ken Summers and Martin Mazza. A young rookie also Gage Santoro will face Michael Roman.  The highlight of the day, a Custom scene with a piercing scenario: after Seth Santoro, our same customer Jakespeed chose Joe Gillis as the ultimate perfect victim vs Etienne. I have totally followed my favorite role as nasty musclehunk daddy heel! Woof, like yesterday, it’s 9.pm. Let’s leave the ring, let’s go to post-production until 2.00pm and sleeeeeep!


Day 5 – Wednesday 2nd of October : Go goooooo goooooooo!

11.am, here we goooooo again… Aaron Mark, Butch. J and Stefan have left. It’s Viktor Rom’s day! Insatiable, Viktor will sweep away his opponents during 3 fights that will blow you away! Ken, Martin and Michael will fall one by one. Finally, Alexis Clark resumes at the drop of a hat Gage who was injured and had to cancel a Custom scene vs Etienne. Congratulations Alexis, you are perfect in the ring… Young, intrepid and rebellious rookie to quickly train…. Yes, reallyyyyy perfect indeed…

It’s 8.pm… End of shooting, technical team are exhausted… Time again to tidy up and thank Gabriel for having made The ringprivate available to us, a private and almost mysterious place, ideal to stage what will become our new XTREME shot @theringprivate series.

10.pm, let’s enjoy a guenuine dinner with the team in a relaxed atmosphere despite the general fatique . Viktor invites us to a cocktail party with friends where we meet back Martin and cheerful hosts for a last night “Souvenir” in Madrid! 4.am now and luggage still to be packed…full of images and images and images and images…  We will come back, that’s for sure!




MAIN PHOTOGRAPHY : Live show / Viktor Rom Close up

VIDEO 1 ON THE LEFT : Behind the scene / Etienne Erik

VIDEO 2 ON THE LEFT : Behind the scene, wrestling training before the live show / Etienne – Joe Gillis – Martin Mazza – Viktor Rom – John Rodriguez

VIDEO 3 ON THE LEFT : Exclusif preview trailer / Viktor Rom vs Michael Roman  & Etienne Erik

PHOTOGRAPHIES 1 & 2 ON THE LEFT : Behind the scene / Muscle Beast & Alexandre

PHOTOGRAPHIE 3 ON THE LEFT : Behind the scene before the live show / Viktor Rom, Martin Mazza, Joe Gillis, John Rodriguez et Etienne

PHOTOGRAPHIES 4 & 5 ON THE LEFT : Raw shot Custom scene / Joe gillis & Etienne

PHOTOGRAPHIE 6 ON THE LEFT : Raw shot / Judo Kan

PHOTOGRAPHIE 7 ON THE LEFT : Raw shot / Michael Roman

PHOTOGRAPHIE 8 ON THE LEFT : Raw shot / Viktor Rom & Ken Summers

PHOTOGRAPHIES 9 & 10 ON THE LEFT : Raw shot Live show / Viktor Rom, Martin Mazza, Joe Gillis, John Rodriguez

PHOTOGRAPHIES 11 & 12 ON THE LEFT : Raw shot / Martin Mazza

PHOTOGRAPHIES 13 & 14 ON THE LEFT : Raw shot / Butch.J

PHOTOGRAPHIES 15 & 16 ON THE LEFT : Raw shot / Michael Roman & Gage Santoro


PHOTOGRAPHIE 18 ON THE LEFT : Raw shot / Etienne & Alexis Clark

PHOTOGRAPHIE 19 ON THE LEFT : Raw shot / Aaron Mark & Santi Konnor

PHOTOGRAPHIE 20 ON THE LEFT : Raw shot / Viktor Rom & Martin Mazza

PHOTOGRAPHIE 21 ON THE LEFT : Raw shot / Muscle Beast & Santi Konnor

PHOTOGRAPHIE 22 ON THE LEFT : Raw shot  Live show / Viktor Rom Close up

VIDEO 4 ON THE LEFT : Post production / Etienne Erik –  Thanks to the team from Paris

VIDEO 5 ON THE LEFT : Post production / Etienne Erik – Thoughts through my gym training, XTREME shot scenes edition on going

VIDEO 6 ON THE LEFT : Trailer of the first released XTREME shot scene / Custom : Madrid Deal 1 for Henry “Broke Black Mountain”

VIDEO 7 ON THE LEFT : Trailer of the second released XTREME shot scene / Custom : Madrid Deal 1 for Patrick “Badass Sitting”

VIDEO 8 ON THE LEFT : Trailer of the third released XTREME shot scene / Custom : Madrid Deal 1 for Mikey “Wild Casting”

VIDEO 9 ON THE LEFT : Trailer of the fourth released XTREME shot scene / Custom : Madrid Deal 1 for Kj “Beef & Sweat”

VIDEO 10 ON THE LEFT : Trailer of the fifth released XTREME shot scene / Custom : Madrid Deal 1 for Jakespeed “Bashed & Pierced”

VIDEO 11 ON THE LEFT : Trailer of the sixth released XTREME shot scene / Custom : Madrid Deal 1 for Monty “Times have changed”