Over our 5 years of production, and even more so in the last few months, we’ve developed many angles of the Wrestlingmale universe that you’re a fan of!

To make this multi-faceted approach easier for you, you can now discover or rediscover all our creative and artistic activities HERE (https://linktr.ee/wrestlingmale).




From our first nominations in 2020 to the awards 2023…

I’m particularly proud to have received this year both the Best Fetish Porn Actor Grabby Europe 2023 award and for the second time the Best Studio award with Infinity Festival – European porn awards!

Thank you all for your votes and your support in this Wrestlingmale exceptional artistic and human adventure:)




Some of you may already know me from wrestling videos I appeared in for various American and English productions.

For those of you who don’t know me, I want to share my background here to let you learn about me, my history, my personal life, and my website: wrestlingmale.com.

I was born in the north of France and moved to Paris for graduate school. I worked for many years in the luxury, fashion, and fragrance industries and became a fitness coach and massage therapist.

I’ve always been attracted to diverse cultures and ways of life. I’ve worked and lived in many countries including the USA (in New York) and Brazil (in Sao Paulo.)

And now as a producer and director, I have the pleasure of going on this new adventure with you, that of wrestlingmale.com.




I want to tell you a story about my childhood that indicates my lifelong love of wrestling — it is not meant to be a marketing ploy.   Even before I was 6 years old, I was already assiduously watching the tiny black-and-white television screen at my grandmother’s house… Every week, we watched the broadcast of a wrestling show, which totally fascinated me.   I didn’t understand my feelings yet… These manly men, fighting and showing off their bodies…   Good guys and bad guys… Beautiful muscle hunks and sadistic beasts…

Like many of you, I have been enjoying private wrestling sessions for years, which is delightful and addictive.

I have also practiced freestyle wrestling, grappling, BJJ, Thai boxing, and pro wrestling in clubs.

I started performing in pro wrestling productions in 2013.

My deep desire to continue participating in videos, as well as to show and share more of my personality, led me to start my production project in 2017.

The launch of wrestlingmale.com as a result of these previous steps has led to an unbelievable year of very tough and constant work.

So, enjoy wrestlingmale.com. Have fun, and experiment with your intense climactic emotions.





Through the diversity of our videography, we promote respect for others and for their differences. We promote tolerance:

  • Tolerance through a diverse and mixed group of wrestlers without discriminating based on nationality, country of residence, physique, age, or experience.   We work with athletes, porn stars, newcomers to the stage, confirmed pro wrestlers, and many others…
  • Tolerance through a diversity of sexual orientations. Let’s be very clear here: Wrestlingmale.com does not categorize itself into any small, defined sexual box. It doesn’t matter if we the performers, or you the viewers, are gay, straight, or bisexual.   We have no pride or shame in our sexual orientations, whatever they may be. I am personally and particularly so happy that our wrestlingmale team already includes a wealth of diverse people, and who knows…
  • Tolerance through a diversity and mix of story-lines, ranging from sporting challenges to unfulfilled fantasies, to competitive strength tests, to wild submission-domination role-play…
  • Tolerance through a diversity and mix of rules inspired by competitive combat sports and pro wrestling shows…
  • Tolerance through a diversity and mix of scenarios, shooting locations, atmospheres…

Our bias is definitely our open-mindedness.



Our creativity pushes us to offer you a unique videography with a particular aesthetic.

We produce, direct, and edit our videos with concern for the atmosphere, close ups, sensual bodies, and expressive faces.




Our creative and professional team are crucial contributors to the to the wrestlingmale.com identity.

Highly talented and dedicated studio directors, videographers, photographers, editors, and web developers allow my dream to become a shared reality.




The team of wrestlingmale performers is as blended as it is bonded.   They come from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, the USA — they come from all horizons, with strong personalities, various physiques, and totally different backgrounds.

They all share with you a passion for wrestling. They are enthusiastic and excited at the idea of exhibiting themselves to offer you the best of themselves.




Thanks to all those who believed in me and gave me the chance to be part of their production as a wrestler. I want to especially and personally thank BGeast.com… This production represents the highest quality and dedication to wrestling fetishism. Their founders are as brilliant as they are funny and professional. So… “Respect” my friends.

Thanks to all those who have supported me since the beginning of this project.

Thanks to all those who punctually participated or and still contribute to the development of Wrestlingmale.com.

Thanks to all those who join us and enrich Wrestlingmale.com with their personality.

Thank you to all of you who are reading about me right now and sharing this same passion, wherever you are and whoever you are, for wrestling, fighting sports, and erotic fantasies.