Manuel Skye is undoubtedly part of one of my most sublime encounters in Wrestlingmale adventure.

Simple and complex, Manuel’s personality is both unique and multi-faceted, an actor full of contradictions in the best sense of the word!

Professional with some madness, gentleman without hypocrisy, funny without superficiality, refined but not precious, versatile ultra-male….

So far we could go all over the place to try to describe him, that wouldn’t be enough…

From his natural aura and our magnificent encounter was born the idea of creating together a series around a hero who looks like him and magnifies him!

We both wanted to get out of the diktats & stereotypes that porn industry generally conveys in order to create a unique story line where this hero Skye Man will gradually tame us and surprise us through his current beginning adventures! His power?… A fascinating glance, obviously and his acrobatic skills… He will thwart the Goliath attacks and fully play with vulnerable rookies… Everything is a game…. As sensitive as he is merciless, flamboyant and decadent, this Steampunk hero comes from a mix of very different universes : Jules Vernes, Gatsby the magnificent or Cabaret ones…

Skye Man is definitly some part of all of us… Manuel offers us this dream on stage! Thank you, thank you and thank you again Manuel!

Behind the scene, it was by chance Manuel’s Birthday and such a Birthday!… Glory to your next 40 new years Manuel! Keep on blowing us away and with your brilliance, please keep making us shine with you too! Sincerely.

Etienne Erik

Producer and Director Wrestlingmale




MAIN PHOTOGRAPHY: Skye Man 1 “Introducing” /  Manuel Skye vs John Rodriguez

VIDEO 1 ON THE LEFT : Behind the scene, Happy Birthday Manuel!

VIDEO 2 ON THE LEFT : Extended trailer Skye Man 1 “Introducing” /  Manuel Skye vs John Rodriguez

VIDEO 3 ON THE LEFT : Extended trailer Skye Man 2 “Fascination” /  Manuel Skye vs Guillem Ramos

VIDEO 4 ON THE LEFT : Raw Rush Skye Man 3 “ToyBoy” /  Manuel Skye vs Rico Fatale

VIDEO 5 ON THE LEFT : Extended trailer Skye Man 4 “Marvelous” /  Manuel Skye vs Super-Man (Leon Klen) & Spider-Man (Biohazard)

VIDEO 6 ON THE LEFT : Trailer Skye Man 4 “Threel” /  Manuel Skye vs Dolf Dietrich & Antonio Miracle